All About Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair


Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Braided hairstyles for curly hair are often considered complicated and taking time. The best option to overcome such problem is to apply moisturizer, conditioner, or spray for making the hair smooth and damp. Before braiding the hair, it is good to have the curly hair less frizzy. To style it, here are some braiding patterns you can apply on curly hair.


Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2014

Side Braids

Moisture the hair until it is completely smooth. Split the entire hair into two parts equally. Firstly, work on one part of the hair. Comb it down and make it as straight as possible. Divide this part into three strands of hair. Start braiding the hair by placing the strand on the right to the center and then take the left strand over the center part as well. Pull the strands into the front part or to the face so the resulting braids will look like dragged side braids. Repeat the process until the hair is fully braided. Tuck the braids behind the ears. Secure unnecessary messy hair with hair pin and the end of the braided hair with plastic band. The same way also works on the other part of hair.


Braided Hairstyles for Super Curly Hair

Free Flowing Braids

This style presents more casual look as the braided hair is made freely flowing. This is actually not only for originally curly hair, but the straight hair which is curled with a curling iron is also possible. The free flowing braids can also be shaped in micro braids as well. In the primary step, you can just braid the whole hair into one part only or you can also split the hair into several sections and then braid them separately. As for the micro braids, you can apply them on the hair extension which cannot be braided in the free flowing style.


Braided Hairstyle for Wedding Hairstyles Long Curly Hair

The hair is probably way too short. Another alternative is to use curling iron to twirl the edges. Yet, if you do not have such curling iron or you are not sure to use heat on your hair, you can just rub the hair with mousse so that the hair will naturally curl once it is dried from the wet mousse.

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