Casual Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair


Casual Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Because braiding curly hair also appears a bit daunting especially for those who are not really experienced in hair styling area, it seems braided hairstyles for curly hair are not really varied. Similar curly braided hairstyles also seem to be used in any occasion. However, this is in fact not necessarily true since there are several options which let you have new braided hairstyles intended for different occasions, such as formal event or outdoor informal and casual activities.


Casual Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair Ideas

Pinned Up Braided Hairstyles

This is a good option for attending a business meeting or other formal occasion. The style is also considered simple, yet pretty elegant. You can make either in very simple pattern or in fancy style. To make it simple, primarily braid the hair into one part only, and then pull the braid up to the crown of head. Roll and pin all strands up with bobby pins. You can also pin them into a sleek and tight bun for tidy look.


Pinned Up Braided Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Another way to make it more decorative and fancy, you actually do the same step in the beginning, but here you need to leave a few braids loose around the nape, face, or ears. Making it a bit messy is also possible. If you have, you can use fringe as well. For formal events held at night, and you like to have more flirty look, you can also use flowers, pins, or other accessories on your hair.


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Ponytail Braided Hairstyles

For casual occasion, like outdoor picnic, jogging, or hanging out with friends, having braided hair bouncing around the head is not a bad idea. It looks simple and cute. Yet, it is important to make the braids held into its place so it will not get messy even if you make a lot of movement.


Ponytail Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The way to do it is very easy and nearly in need of no maintenance like applying conditioner beforehand. Simply, pull up your hair to the crown of the head or to the middle part of the nape. Then braid them in any pattern you like, it can be just standard English braid or fishtail braid. Ensure that the hair is completely braided until the very last end. Secure the end with plastic band. You can just leave it like that or use another elastic band with a particular type of accessories. It is also cute to combine it with headband in order to hold your fringe.

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