Curly Hairstyles for Prom-Night


Curly Prom Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles for prom night events are frequently preferable as it presents beauty and elegance. Also, it fits general theme of prom night events, which is usually formal and a bit luxurious. To create such curly hairstyles, here are some ideas you can consider.


Prom Curly Hairstyles

Things to Prepare

In regards to making natural curls, the primary matter to consider is that hair care. Get your hair frizzy and regularly trimmed so that the curls do not look like unmanageable and uncared. The, consider a type of haircuts which fit your style. If you are going to have a short and edgy cut for your curly hair, it is way better to cut the hair in layers. Get two or more layers depending on how thick your hair. Then, prepare a curling iron if your hair does not have natural curls. Adjust the type or diameter of curling iron to the texture of your hair. Big flowing curls are sometimes preferred, while some others also like to have more natural curls which require them to use different sizes of curling iron and also different techniques in curling the hair. Importantly, section your hair into several parts prior to curling the hair so that the curly patterns will look smooth and natural.


Curly hairstyles for prom

If you have no curling iron, you can actually use hot rollers. First, section the hair off the top middle section from the front area to the back. Roll away the sections of your hair with a particular size of curl you like to have. Curling the hair in the middle sections only is sometimes favored as it creates simple and casual looks. The next things to prepare also include styling foam, spritz, and hairspray. In order to hold or keep the curls into their place, apply some amount of spritz after unrolling the hair. Then, arrange the position and style the curls as you like it. Some curls might just fall in front of the face or flip over a whole side of the hair. Each has certain aim in which the former option can be useful to create elegant but casual look and the latter is for making neat look.


Curly hairstyles for prom party

How to Make Curly Hairstyles for Prom

After preparing the entire materials needed, process of making curly hairstyles are relatively easy and quick. Firstly, spray the hair lightly with thermal protector to keep or protect the hair from excessive heat of curling iron or hot rollers. Divide the hair into several sections. If necessary, use elastic to tie the sections. If you want your hair hung loosely in curls, you can simply curl the hair through every section you make.


Curly hairstyles for prom night events

Alternatively, curly hairstyles for prom night events also work with up-do curly styles. Steps to make this style are also as simple as making the preceding style. Differently, you do not need section the hair. Take an amount of your hair and tie it in ponytail. Next, curl the hair in any style you prefer. Add some bangs. Lastly, apply some moisturizer and mist the hair to keep the curls in the place and also to create shiny and natural curly hair.

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