French Braids, A Type of Casual Braided Hairstyles


Casual Braided Hairstyles Ideas

Casual braided hairstyles sometimes involve loose braiding technique. Unlike some tightly braided hairstyles which can work well on straight, curly, long or short hair, the loose and casual braided hairstyles are the best fit for long layered hair. There are some techniques of making such loose and casual braid looking.


Casual Braided Hairstyles with Tiny Delicate Flowers

Casual French Braided Style

French braids ideally work for long hair since the sections of loose braids can be well seen on such hair. Take three small strands of hair from one side of the head, cross the left strand over into the center and then cross the right one over the center as well. Gather another piece of hair from the left side and then place it into rope. Wrap it over the center as before. Continue these stages until it reaches the middle part of the head. Then, do the same thing on the other side of the head. Once you are done braiding, gather the pieces in the middle and then secure them with a hair band.


Casual French Braided Style

Various Styles of French Braids

There are also various styles of French braids which can be good fit for many occasions.


Unique Braided Hairstyles

  • Side styles. Start braiding from the right ear with the end hanging over the shoulder. Alternatively, you can also split the hair down to the middle and create two braids curving to the right and to the left. These braids then will be attached at the back part of neck. This will look like a horseshoe pattern. Side French braid style is also considered neat, and thus suitable for formal occasions.

Casual side braided hairstyles

  • Crowns and bands. This is an easy to maintain hairstyle with elegant and romantic looks. To create crown braid, the hair is braided in circle pattern around the head. Then, use hairband and make French braid go across the front hair in order to create traditional braided headband. Such crown and band braids can be thick or thin, depending on your hair length and how thick the hair you use.

Tiny Casual French Braided Style

  • Buns. This is actually an addition for French braid pattern. Start the French braid from the nape and go up to the crown of the head. Roll the hair into a bun, either donut bun or other type of buns. Then, take some amount of hair strands from each side of ears, braid them, and then wrap them around the bun.

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