Medium Hairstyles and Color


Medium Hairstyles and Color

Various hairstyles are often incorporated with some colors and highlighting options. Instead of using one solid or monotone color, people usually accentuate their medium length hair by adding semi permanent colors, color glosses, or glaring colors such as brunette, brown, burgundy, and many more. Ideas of some medium hairstyles and color for teenagers are detailed as follows.


Medium hairstyles and color for teenagers

Glossy Color Style

To achieve color gloss for medium-length hair, people usually just accentuate the natural color of the hair with some dark soft color. Color gloss product are quite varied and available in several brands, which you can choose according to the types of hair and probably some problems that occur in the hair such as hair loss, dandruff, scalp problems, etc.


Medium Hairstyles and Color 2014

When applying color gloss, you need primarily make sure that your hair and scalp will have no problem with gloss color products since applying a color gloss to the hair is much similar to applying semi-permanent hair dyeing products. Importantly, you need to really pay attention and read thoroughly the manual provided in the kit box of color gloss product; otherwise you cannot get a clear and merged color gloss on your hair.


Medium Hairstyles and Color Ideas

Besides having such effect, mistakes when applying the color gloss can damage your hair and scalp. So, if you are afraid or not sure to not be able to manage it well, you can just ask for professional’s help. Semi-permanent color gloss can last about one to two weeks.


Cool Medium Hairstyles and Color

Highlighting Option

Highlighting the hair is also a great option to add depth of the hair. Highlighting colors to choose depend on your needs, such as subtle colors, edgy or trendy theme, or just natural look. For subtle colors, you can apply the highlight in lighter color than the natural hair. For example, use brunette shade for dark blonde or copper highlight for brown hair. To create perfect partition for highlighting and bleaching the hair, especially if you have medium to long hair, using foils are really helpful. By that, the final outlook of highlighting hair will look more interesting and adorable especially when the hair is braided or pulled into an up-do style.

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