Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces


Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces – The key to get appropriate haircut is to adjust the hairstyle and length with face shape. Flattering cut can create different impression for your face. For example, round or fuller faces fit to both short and long cut, yet should avoid chin-length hairstyles since that will only make round or full face looks rounder or appears wider. Some ideas of medium hairstyles for round faces are listed as follows.


Short to medium hairstyles for round faces

Bob with Layered Medium Haircut

One of the ways to create appropriate look for a fuller face is to get a bob style. It is basically to add fullness of the face since fullness can highly bring attention in the upward look. It also helps to create a slimmer look for the round face. Layered styles can be added to the back of the head. It helps to give the head especially the crown part more volume.


Bob with Layered Medium Haircut for Round Faces

Bangs also work for those having round face with thick, fine, and straight hair. Bangs can corporate well with short cut, specifically for “embellishment” of a round or full face. Yet, do not cover the entire forehead with wisp bang since that will only make the face appear rounder and shorter. As for this case, side-swept or side bangs can be good and suitable option.

Flip Cut Hairstyles

The reason of having flip cut for round face is to maintain the fullness of the hair. Cut the hair at least some inches below the chin; do not make it precisely at the chin-length or even shorter than that.


Flip Cut Hairstyles for Round Face

Flip hairstyles look casual, yet some unfortunately end up having the ends of the hair flipped outwards. Alternatively, some stylists like to curl the ends of the flipped hair. Flip hairstyles can create thinner face and neck so that a round face can appear slimmer and longer.

Sweeping Layered Hairstyles


Layered Medium Hairstyles for Round Face

This medium length hairstyle is usually made below the shoulder. It helps to slim the face and body. Yet, adding too much sweeping layers are not recommended since that can add too much volume especially for round and big body. Then, angled bangs can be good addition for medium length hairstyles. It is especially good to incorporate with medium sized body as well.

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