Medium Hairstyles for Men


Medium Hairstyles for Men

Medium hairstyles for men are considered versatile especially for those who often and like to change the hairstyles from time to time. Hair cut in medium length should be in at least 2 to 5 inches long. Medium length hair works for several styles such as jock, punk, emo, preppy, and some others. Detailed information regarding those styles is as follows.

Punk Style


Punk medium hairstyles for men

To make your hair in punk or thick spike style that goes straight out, you need to initially style your hair or use any hair product which is able to straighten your hair. Additionally, making your hair in the same length is also important for easing you make the spikes. To create the spike as the most representative style of punkish icon, grab your upper hair and apply some pomade on them. Twist the hair upward. Repeat these process until the hair in the top and back center of your head becomes thick and firm.

Messy Hairstyle


Messy Hairstyle For Men

The key to create messy style is to have your hair cut in different lengths. Apply some gel or pomade all over the hair. Then, tussle it so that some pieces of hair will stick out in various directions. If you have shorter hair in the back and side parts, you can just leave it fall and flat. That way, you will get messy plus preppy look of hair.

Modern Style


Modern hairstyles for men

Modern style in medium length hair is usually incorporated with shaggy or other styles which make some areas of the hair longer than the other areas. Modern cutting is basically made in asymmetrical look. Unlike the other styles that simply matte the hair down with gel and then comb it into certain side, modern look is more into pushing the hair outward and upward, and then dyeing the hair in different colors and styles, such as blonde, ombre, etc.

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