Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair


Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair – As medium-length hair is considerably easy to style, it allows multiple types of haircut for various types of hair, including for thin hair. When selecting the type of haircut for thin hair, according to Charles Worthington, wavy hairstyles can be the best option to try as waves can add more volume and fullness of the hair. Besides, medium hairstyles for thin hair vary from neat to funky styles. Here are the choices.


Best Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Long Bob Haircut

A long bob cut is made by cutting the hair in between the jaw line and the shoulders. It does not have bangs usually because all of the hair is made evenly down. When combining the thin hair with bob style, consider to use some hair products in order to hold the bob or volume parts of the hair. For just traditional and classy look, you can just cut the thin hair evenly down without giving any trims or too many layers, while for trendy and stylish look, you can try cutting one side of the hair in one or two inches longer than the other side.


Long Bob Hairstyle for thin hair

Layered Haircut

Layers can give illusion of volume to the thin hair. However, layers for thin hair cannot be made in too many parts or levels since it just precisely makes the hair look thinner and untidy look since the ends of the hair might go outwards in different directions. You can also add some bangs cut in two or three inches shorter than the hair on the side parts. The bangs are usually in side-swept or wispy style.


Layered Hairstyle for thin hair

Chunky Haircut

Chunky cut is the extreme version of layered style. Even if the layers are not made in too many levels, the splits or partition of each level in chunky cut is really noticeable. Besides being able to boost the volume of thin hair, it also helps incorporate the angles of hair to the body size and type. The final outlook of such a haircut is not too nicely and neatly combed. Add some mousse all over the hair and then shake the hair with your finger. Flip the hair upside-down and upright in order to pull the hair outwards and to make volume of the hair.

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