Two Ways of Cutting Bob Hairstyles for Long Hair


Bob Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bob hairstyles are not necessarily in short or somewhere around shoulder length. It can be made in long hairstyle without lessening the touch the of bob and volume hair. In regards to this, there are some different styles of bob hairstyles which can be ideal for some particular types of hair and also able to highlight jaw line as well as to boost volume. Bob hairstyles for long hair are good if the hair is thick and the person’s face is round. On top of all, always consider the hair texture and type and also the person’s face shapes when it comes to choosing a style of long bob hairstyles. There are two ways of cutting bob hairstyles for long hair, including layering and texturing cuts.


Bob Hairstyles for Long Hair Ideas

Layering and Texturing Hair

Layering creates strands in different length. The hair is lifted in several sections and then cut in different length. This technique is also good for shortening the hair at the crown and also for boosting volume. Texturing is basically a developing type of layering. Instead of splitting the hair into equal sections, it is more into cutting the hair in random length. This technique is actually to thin the hair and also reduce the volume of hair. The style is also slightly tousled and casual in looks. Texturing works best on thick wavy or curly hair.


Bob Hairstyles for Long Hair 2014

Get the Right Cut for Long Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles for long hair generally involve cutting technique which is to make fuller hair at the top and narrower look at the end of hair. Though the techniques for cutting long bob style are firstly introduced since 1950s or 1960s, it is getting popular up to recent era. Casual style with soft look can be a good option for wavy, curly, or coarse hair. Yet, avoid layering for very fine hair or thinning hair since it can only result in flat look.


Black Women with Bob Hairstyles for Long Hair

When it comes your time to cut the hair, initially describe what you are looking for and what you really want to the hairdresser. Also, it is important to explain your hair condition and type so that the hairdresser can also get clearer picture of how they should cut the hair. If necessary, you can bring a picture of bob styles you desire.

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